F.L.O. Empire Network is here to give creatives multiple platforms to succeed while staying independent. We know a lot of creatives are forced to give up their creativity and control in exchange for a bigger push and professional staff and spaces. F.L.O. Empire Network provides are services and space at rates that are affordable to the majority of individuals so they could stay independent and succeed.

Services included but not limited to studio space to broadcast radio shows and podcast, radio promotion, web design, live events and much more.

Broadcasting Studio for Radio Shows and Podcast

We have a broadcasting studio located in the beautiful Financial District of Manhattan. You could broadcast or just record your own radio show or podcast. We also offer syndication to place radio shows or podcast on i-Tunes, Google Music, YouTube, YouTube, etc. Click Here for more details

Live Events For Recording Artist

We put on amazing events for indie artist in all genres where they could perform in a TV show/tournament event that spans over several months to give the artist the most exposure. Grand prize is up to $5,000, a album deal and much more. Click Here for more details