Grand Prize of $1,000 CASH

Event Summary

The A List is an epic event for recording artist. It is a tournament that will be filmed to be aired on I.G.T. TV. It is not a battle. It is all about hit records and great stage presence. Artist will perform a 8 min set and F.L.O. Empire Network will choose the top 16 artist from Day1-4 to perform in the actual tournament in November.

Day 1

July 1, 2018

Day 2

July 22, 2018

Day 3

Aug 19, 2018

Day 4

Sept 23, 2018

Top 16 Tournament

All artist chosen for the top 16 Tournament will be apart of the Top 16 artist compilation album

Nov 11, 2018

 8 Winners Advance to Round 2

4 Winners Advance to Round 3

2 Winners Advance to Finals

To make your payment and secure your slot text 929-374-7242 and tell them you would like to secure your slot for A List season 1

All Artist Receive (must secure your slot)

  • Free admission to all events for the season
  • 8 min set on the day they secured their slot for
  • Have performance aired during the TV show on I.G.T. TV
  • And More

Slots and add-ons

  • Slots for day 4 only are only $20 (non refundable or transferable)
  • Copy of your 8 min set edited (don’t include raw footage or tournament footage) $50 (To be paid anytime prior to the day of the event)
  • Interview on Let’s Talk with David Glover $50 (To be paid anytime prior to the day of the event)

Grand Prizes

  • Win $1,000
  • The A List Diamond Award
  • A 1 album record deal with F.L.O. Empire (optional)
  • A 1 hour consultation with the CEO of F.L.O. Empire Network to discuss marketing strategy for the artist music career.
  • A 1 Hour Takeover Show
  • A interview on Let’s Talk with David Glover

Tournament Rules (Top 16 only, not the qualifying rounds)

  • Everyone must be 21 or older (no exceptions)
  • Each artist performs one complete song (except the finals which you would perform a 10 min set)
  • Song must be original (no industry beats)
  • No freestyles or acapellas before, in the middle or after
  • Artist can not perform the same song twice in any round except the finals. (We are not looking for 1 hit wonders)
  • Artist must be present to pick their number. If they are not present they will be eliminated and their opponent will win and advance.
  • Artist could call out another contestant only in the first round. The other artist must accept the call out for it to be locked in.
  • It will be a heads up artist vs artist, song vs song (playoff structure)
  • Each artist will perform 1 complete song per round (except the final round) and after both artist finish performing their song the judges will select which artist they liked the most and that artist will advance to the next round and the other artist will be eliminated.

If you prefer to make your payment in person at our radio station in the Financial District of Manhattan

please text 929-374-7242 to set up an appointment