Put Me On Artist Membership (PRO)

Introducing the Put Me On Artist Pro Membership. The membership that allows artist to constantly perform, be seen by a company and brand that’s actually seeking to find talented artist, try out new material, gain new fans and at the same time have a chance to win IG Growth Campaigns, Interviews and more.

From our events we have already started found artist we decided to work with closer and sign. We have distribution, publishing, videographers, producers and more ready to work with the right artist. Artist say Put Me On, come give us a reason and we will!!!


  • Perform Up To 10 Songs Per Month (Max 3 Songs Per Event) at The Put Me On Weekly Showcase which is Every Monday at The Delancey on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
  • Free Admission For You and One Guest To All Our Events
  • Earn 30% of admission of anyone that pay at the door and say their name at the door at the Put Me On Weekly Showcase and 50% at the Crowd Concert Series
  • exclusive entry in monthly raffle to win 30 Day Instagram Growth Campaign
  • Exclusive Entry In Our Weekly Raffle To Win a Slot to Perform in Our Members Only Showcase Where Artist Earn Money For Each Guest That Pays at the Door And Say the Artist Name
  • Exclusive Entry In Our Monthly Raffle To Win a Guest Slot to Be Interviewed On the Put Me On Podcast
  • Get Exclusive Members Only Rates On All Our Services
  • Get Money Off Your Membership and the Artist You Referred When Referring Another Artist
Become an Exclusive Member For Just $105 a month Or Pay For 5 Month and Get the 6th For Free