Here at F.L.O. Empire Network, we look to help give independent artist a team and tools to help them increase their fan-base. We have recently created a membership plan where we put together a package which would help artist engage potential fans and stay engaged. Each month our team will keep you focus and create creative ways to catch fans attention and keep there attention.  Become a member now and test drive our membership with our 50% off special!!!


Membership includes but is not limited to

  • (1) Interview per month ($75 value)
  • Your interviews turned Into a podcast (submitted to i-Tunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, etc) ($50 value)
  • Submit your music to F.L.O. Empire Network Record Pool ($25 value)
  • Online promotion ($30 value)
  • Have one of our experts review your social media and give you tips on ways to best attract fans ($75)
  • Play your music at our events
  • Be the first we look at to perform at our events
  • Discounts on all the services we provide

All services are done throughout the month and not just once

Become a member now and receive 50% off your first month!!!

$100 Only $50 for your first month

Once you become a member one of our experts will contact you to set up your account so you could start uploading some of your music and also could also do a review of your social media so we could start to give you tips of ways to increase your fan-base.

If you have any questions or would like to make your payment over the phone feel free to text of at 929-374-7242 and one of our reps will get right back to you.