Beating the Odds – Short Film
Project Type: Short Film
Union Status: Non-Union
Pay Scale: No pay. $25 to cover the transportation. Food will also be provided.

Cory Brown works as a mechanic, his patience and cool are pushed to the limits when everything that could happen to him does happen. When things are stacked up against him will he be able to – Beat the Odds?

Casting Dates: 12/8/17 and 12/9/17
Shoot Dates: TBD
Location: NYC

CORY BROWN | Male | African-American | Age: 27 – 35 | Role Type: Leading
Cory Brown, late 20’s to mid 30’s. He’s independent and been living on his own from his early 20’s. As a child he picked up a hobby of drawing. His mother would often buy him all sorts of drawing books. As he got older he got into fixing cars, and went to school for it, but his main thing was his art which he does on his spare time.
JIMMY MANN | Male | Caucasian | Age: 42 – 47 | Role Type: Supporting
Jimmy Mann, mid to late 40’s. He’s been in the mechanic business since he was a teenager. He was offered a job to be a shop manager by a childhood friend who opened up a auto mechanic shop. Jimmy often hires mechanics that has a hard time finding work else where. He often gives them more chances than they deserve.
NICOLE PORTER | Female | African-American | Age: 27 – 33 | Role Type: Supporting
Nicole Porter is a beautiful woman, late 20’s to early 30’s. She’s Cory’s girlfriend. They met each other as she was an exotic dancer at a strip club Cory would often visit. Nicole grew up to parents that worked hard to make a decent living to support her and her five siblings. As Nicole grew she fell in love with the fast life. She didn’t want to work hard like her parents, so she chooses an easier way to make a living.
JANET JOHNSON | Female | African-American | Age: 27 – 33 | Role Type: Supporting
Janet Johnson is a beautiful woman, late 20’s to early 30’s. She’s an exotic dancer and is close friends with Nicole. The two met a few years ago, as the two danced at the same strip club. Janet was sexual abuse as a child by her father, but no one knows what happened to her. She finds it hard to trust men, so she just use them for what she wants and keeps it moving.
PATRICK JONES | Male | African-American | Age: 33 – 37 | Role Type: Supporting
Patrick Jones, mid 30’s. He’s a successful businessman that isn’t very attractive and is often used by women. He doesn’t mind doing what women tell him to do.
MR. KLAY IRVING | Male | African-American | Age: 45 – 55 | Role Type: Supporting
Mr. Klay Irving is from the West Indies, 50’s. He came to this country over 25 years ago, and worked hard as a construction worker. He’s divorced and lives alone. He owns a few homes that he rent out apartments to mostly young adults. He often builds strong relationships with his tenants.
DAMIEN CARTER | Male | African-American | Age: 27 – 33 | Role Type: Supporting
Damien Carter, late 20’s to his early 30’s. Cory’s childhood friend. Though they both grew up together, they have two totally different backgrounds. Damien lost his mother when he was a young. His father was a hard working man that worked long hours. Damien turned to the streets to raise him and never looked back.
JASON MILLER | Male | African-American | Age: 27 – 34 | Role Type: Supporting
Jason Miller, late 20’s to his mid 30’s. He’s a barber that went to school with both Cory and Damien. He’s been cutting their hair since junior high school. Jason picked up the craft of cutting hair from his mother since he was ten years old. His mother would often let Jason help her out with her clients. As Jason got older he decided he wanted to be a barber. He also sells drugs on the side with Damien.
ART CUSTOMER | Male | African-American | Age: 38 – 43 | Role Type: Supporting
Art customer, early 40’s. He’s clean cut and been in the art business for 20 years. He’s helped a lot of artist make a living off of their artwork.

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